Bring Fulbright into the Classroom

Fulbright alumni, current participants, and K-12 teachers can bring the world into classrooms by sharing international experiences with students. See below for opportunities for Fulbrighters to get involved and volunteer in local schools and/or learn about how teachers can invite Fulbrighters into their classrooms and use the resources provided by these programs to expand their students’ horizons.

Angela Mikula,
U.S. to U.K., 2018

Fulbright 75th Anniversary Classroom Visits

In celebration of the Fulbright Program’s 75th anniversary, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State is facilitating classroom visits by Fulbright alumni. U.S. educators working in K-12 schools can sign up to host a Fulbrighter for a virtual classroom visit between April 2021 - June 2022. Fulbright alumni can sign up to visit a U.S. classroom and share their Fulbright experience.

To participate in this program as a classroom host (U.S. educators working in K-12 schools) or as a classroom guest (Fulbright alumni), please fill out the interest survey here.

"Dr. Griffin was amazing! We really loved interacting with and learning from her. Her energy is wonderful, and she’s so inspiring - she really encouraged me to continue learning and being curious about the world as much as she did the students. I’m now even more excited about the possibility of applying for a Fulbright myself." - Tonya Smith, high school teacher who hosted a Fulbright alumnus

"As a World History teacher, it was great to be able to connect with students in another discipline to provide some context to what they had been learning about.  The students asked some great questions and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to share my Fulbright project and experience with students in this format." - Craig Divis, Fulbright alumnus who participated in a classroom visit

The Fulbright Association’s Fulbright in the Classroom Program

The Fulbright Association’s Fulbright in the Classroom program aims to teach K-12 students about other countries, help them appreciate cultural differences, understand our common humanity, and see the value of travel and international education.

Fulbright in the Classroom is managed by the Fulbright Association, which is the Fulbright Program’s largest alumni association in the United States. All Fulbrighters, especially those who have recently returned to the United States and visiting Students and Scholars, are welcome to participate in the Fulbright in the Classroom program to promote cultural understanding in K-12 schools.

For more information on the program, please visit the Fulbright Association website here.

Reach the World

Reach the World connects travelers—including international exchange participants—with classrooms to facilitate global digital exchanges and inspire youth to become global citizens. Since 2009, Reach the World has served more than 30,000 students with their vast network of travelers and volunteers, and has opportunities available for Fulbrighters and U.S. educators alike. Find out more about how to get involved with the organization here.

The Fulbright Program has partnered with Reach the World on multiple occasions to bring the stories of Fulbrighters to life. You can view the recordings from the latest Fulbright Week on Reach the World’s website here, and find previous Reach the World virtual visits here.

National Geographic’s Explorer Classroom Program

Classroom teachers interested in bringing dynamic Fulbright alumni into their classroom to share stories about science and society may do so virtually through the National Geographic Society’s Explorer Classroom Program.

The Fulbright Program has collaborated with the National Geographic Society since 2014. Fulbrighters have been featured as speakers, contributors, and storytellers in various National Geographic publications and activities, including the National Geographic Society’s Explorer Classroom. Explorer Classroom is a live YouTube show that connects young people with National Geographic Explorers around the world. These Explorers are cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and storytellers -- including many Fulbright alumni -- who share behind-the-scenes stories and interact with students and educators in real time.

Explorer Classroom events are free, open to the public, and are recommended for students from ages 4-14, as well as afterschool and out-of-school learners. Spanish-language and ASL editions of some events are also available on a limited basis.

Click here for a list of past Explorer Classroom events featuring Fulbrighters, which can be viewed on demand. Fulbright alumni can learn more about the National Geographic Explorers Program and other funding opportunities at National Geographic.

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