Call for Submissions: Fulbright 75th Anniversary Virtual Art Exhibit

Call for submissions: Fulbright 75th Virtual Art Exhibit, Deadline August 1st. Black and white text on a splotchy background of orange and blue

The Fulbright Program is proud to announce a call for submissions for the Fulbright 75th Virtual Art Exhibit, which will launch in October 2021 to celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month. The virtual exhibit will be open to the public.

Questions? Reach out to: [email protected] or [email protected].


1. Artists are invited to submit 1-3 high-definition images of relevant work. Film and other video content must be limited to 3 minutes and linked to a full project. Selections from a larger piece of work should include a link to the larger piece.
2. All art submitted to the exhibit must have been created during your Fulbright, or inspired by your Fulbright experiences in a meaningful way. Collaborations are welcomed, so long as non-Fulbright collaborators are from your host institution or country. Please provide a short description of your submission, including the details of your Fulbright, and how this work is related to your Fulbright experience.
3. While we appreciate the creative talents of all Fulbrighters, only alumni and current participants who formally pursued an arts grant are being asked to submit art at this time.
4. All submissions must contain #FulbrightVirtualExhibit within the description on the upload page in order to be considered.
5. The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2021. Upload your submissions here.

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