Celebrating Fulbright's 75th Anniversary

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On August 1, 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed the act that launched the Fulbright Program to enhance mutual understanding and help people and nations work together towards common goals. We invite all Fulbright Program partners and alumni to celebrate with us by sharing your Fulbright experiences with the world.

#Fulbright75 Social Media Templates

Use our custom #Fulbright75 templates to display your favorite photo of your Fulbright experience. Simply insert your image, then post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to share the impact the Fulbright Program has made on you. Don't forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you use one of the templates below.

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Add a #Fulbright75 Facebook Frame

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We're asking all Fulbright alumni and supporters to show their support of Fulbright's 75th Anniversary by adding a celebratory filter to their Facebook profile during the 75th Anniversary year. Follow these step-by-step instructions and share your story using the hashtag #Fulbright75.

  1. Click on the camera on your profile picture and select “add frame”
  2. Search "#Fulbright75" in your search bar and select one of the three unique frames listed.
  3. Adjust your profile picture, and you’re set!
  4. Add #Fulbright75 to the description bar and share your new profile picture on your feed.

Tell Us Your Fulbright Story

Are you a Fulbright alumnus, or someone whose life was impacted by a Fulbrighter in some way? Let us know how Fulbright made a difference by filling out this survey. If you know a Fulbrighter, be sure to send them this link!

Get Involved With Your Community

Cliff Long (right), a 2017 ETA to South Korea, taught English to North Korean refugees, and supported other ETAs through the Korean Adolescent Mentoring Program (KAMP).

During this year of celebration for the Fulbright Program’s 75th anniversary, we encourage all program alumni and partners to engage with their local communities and schools and join the diverse and dynamic network of Fulbrighters around the world. Learn about more ways to get involved.

Are you a U.S. educator in a K-12 school or a U.S. Fulbrighter looking to share your international experience with younger students? Read more about opportunities for Fulbrighters to get involved and volunteer in local schools and/or learn about how teachers can invite Fulbrighters into their classrooms.

Join a Fulbright Day Celebration

Fulbright Day: South Africa Quiz screenshot of participants
A screenshot from Fulbright Day: South Africa's online activity.

Throughout 2021, Fulbright Commissions, U.S. Embassies, Universities, and other Fulbright partners and supporters are celebrating the 75th Anniversary with a wide and varied range of activities taking place around the world. Many Fulbright Commissions and U.S. Embassies are holding Fulbright Days this year to celebrate their program alumni and history. Check the 75th anniversary calendar for upcoming Fulbright Days and how to join them.

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