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Fulbright Arctic Initiative - Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Policy: Science Diplomacy in the Arctic

04/27/2023, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

This event will be a live-streamed discussion with in-person participants.


Please join the Wilson Center and the Fulbright Program for a Symposium on Science Diplomacy in the Arctic, as Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholars from the United States and the seven other Arctic nations -- Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden -- present recommendations based on key findings from their Fulbright research and collaboration over the past two years.

As Arctic nations continue to take concrete steps to work together and address public policy research questions relevant to shared challenges and opportunities, the Fulbright Arctic Initiative offers a collaborative model for scholarly exchange to help translate theory into practice and policy.  Nineteen scholars have conducted individual Fulbright research with host institutions in one another’s countries and joined together to collaborate on producing policy recommendations in three key areas:

  • Arctic Security and Cooperation
  • Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing Environment
  • Community Dimensions of Health

They will present the recommendations that emerged from their collaborative group work and discuss the Indigenous foundations of Arctic knowledge.



  • Rebecca Pincus, Director of the Polar Institute, Wilson Center


Introductory Remarks:
  • Dr. Greg Poelzer, University of Saskatchewan, Canada (Fulbright Arctic Initiative co-lead scholar)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rink, Montana State University, United States (Fulbright Arctic Initiative co-lead scholar)

Additional Speakers to be confirmed.


Panel Discussions

Public Policy Implications of Fulbright Arctic Research


  • Dr. Susan Crate, George Mason University, United States


  • Dr. Jessica Graybill, Colgate University, United States - Community Dimensions of Health
  • Dr. Silja Omarsdóttir, University of Iceland - Arctic Security and Cooperation
  • Dr. Anna Cecilia Krook Riekkola, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden - Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing Environment


Indigenous Foundations of Arctic Knowledge and Practice


  • Dr. Ketil Lenert Hansen, Sami University of Applied Sciences, Norway and UiT The Arctic University of Norway


  • Dr. Bonita Beatty, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Dr. Rauna Kuokkanen, University of Lapland, Finland
  • Mr. Chris Clarke McQueen, Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Ms. Lena Popova, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative Symposium is hosted by the Wilson Center in cooperation with the Fulbright Program. The Fulbright Arctic Initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education in cooperation with Fulbright Commissions and offices in each of the Arctic countries. Fulbright Commissions in Canada and Iceland hosted the scholars for collaborative dialogues and consultative meetings with Arctic stakeholders.

The current group of 19 scholars is the third cohort of Fulbright Arctic Scholars and builds on the success of the first two cohorts in 2015-16 and 2018-19.  



  • Dr. Elizabeth Lynne Rink - Professor of Community Health, Department of Health and Human Development, Montana State University, United States
  • Dr. Greg Poelzer - Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS), University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Dr. Susan Crate - Professor of Anthropology, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University
  • Dr. Jessica Graybill - Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Russian & Eurasian Studies Program. Colgate University, United States
  • Dr. Silja Omarsdóttir - Professor of International Affairs, Faculty of Political Science, University of Iceland
  • Dr. Anna Cecilia Krook Riekkola - Associate Professor in Energy Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • Dr. Ketil Lenert Hansen - Professor of Public Health, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway and Professor II in Indigenous Pedagogy at Institute of Sámi Teaching Education and Indigenous Journalism Study, Sami University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Dr. Bonita Beatty - Department Head and Faculty Member, Department of Indigenous Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Dr. Rauna Kuokkanen - Research professor of Arctic Indigenous Studies at the University of Lapland (Finland) and adjunct Professor, University of Toronto
  • Mr. Chris Clarke McQueen - Chief Architect, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Ms. Lena Popova -Researcher, International UNESCO Chair on Social and Human Adaptation of the Arctic Regions to Climate Change and Globalization, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia



2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT


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