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Fulbright Day: Thailand

White text on green background that says Fulbright Thailand Day July 1, 2021 the journey of caring friends

Fulbright Thailand: Journey of Caring Friends

The Fulbright Program in Thailand was established in 1950 as the first agreement between Thailand and the United States after the end of the Second World War, preceding any agreements for technical and military assistance. Since then, it has been the one and only bilateral agreement on educational collaboration between Thailand and its dialogue partners with more than 3,000 alumni. Not only do they become prominent figures and leaders in their fields but are also weaving network of friendship and goodwill between the two countries. 

On Fulbright Thailand Day, we wish to celebrate the longstanding and constructive collaboration between Thailand and the United States through the Fulbright Program by highlighting our partnership and its impacts which go beyond national borders and by setting stage for the stronger future. Be sure to follow Fulbright Thailand's YouTube channel, Facebook page, and official website on July 1 for a short presentation on the Fulbright Thailand story and photos, quotes, and questions to engage audiences. They will also continue celebrating throughout the month, so stay tuned for more from them.

Find more information on past and future Fulbright Days here.


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