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Fulbright Day: Angola


The Angola Fulbright Alumni Association will hold an activity to increase awareness of the impact of the Fulbright Program in Angola over the past years while engaging with the youth community in Corimba, a local community in Luanda. "Fulbright in the Community " is the central theme of the event to present how AEFA (Angola Fulbright Alumni Association) will reach out to the next generation of Fulbrighters, as well as promote inclusion and the importance of learning English.

The activity will include an information session to give community members tools and resources to learn the English language and elaborate on a study development plan. This will be followed by a door-to-door donation of basic baskets with food and medicine collected by the Fulbright alumni.

Connect with Fulbright to learn more about the activities planned for Angola's Fulbright Day. Find more information on past and future Fulbright Days here.


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