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Fulbright Day: Costa Rica


Photo of a Fulbright alumna from Costa Rica on a stylized background with text on a quote about the impact of his Fulbright.

On August 19, the U.S. Embassy San José in Costa Rica will celebrate the Fulbright Program's anniversary with the following features and event:

Fulbright Profiles (monthly feature)
Language: Spanish
Link to join: https://www.facebook.com/sanjose.usembassy
Fulbright Foreign Student and Scholar Alumni featured on social media throughout the year, highlighting their achievements and contributions within different thematic priorities. Fulbrighters responded to the question. How did Fulbright help you leave your footprint in Costa Rica? For this activity, U.S. and Costa Rican Fulbright students and scholars highlight along with, key aspects of their project a picture of their fieldwork.

Video to Celebrate Fulbright’s 75th Anniversary
August 19th, 7:00 pm on U.S. Embassy Costa Rica Facebook page
Language: Spanish with subtitles in English
Link to join: https://www.facebook.com/sanjose.usembassy
Embassy San Jose will feature of video on social media to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the which will include the participation of Cultural Affairs staff and Fulbright alumni. The video, Footprints of the Fulbright Program in Costa Rica, will highlight iconic moments of the Fulbright program and its role in strengthening the ties of friendship between Costa Ricans and U.S. citizens, including collaboration on research and community projects. It will showcase Fulbrighters from different backgrounds, and ages, including the oldest Fulbright generation from the 1970s, as well as more recent generations, showing their outstanding contributions to improving our world.

Costa Rica Fulbright Association Event: “The Fulbright Footprint in Costa Rica”
August 19th, 9:00 am at the University of Costa Rica (in-person event)
Language: Spanish.
The Costa Rican Fulbright Association will hold this in-person event at the University of Costa Rica, (UCR), where UCR Rector, Fulbright Alumnus Gustavo Gutiérrez Espeleta, and Costa Rica Fulbright Association President Guillermo Barquero Chacón, and U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer Lauren Garza will give remarks. The event will also feature a video and along with a photo exhibit on the The Fulbright Footprint in Costa Rica, as well as a cultural activity. This photo gallery will travel to different public universities around the country in the following months to continue the celebration of the anniversary of the Fulbright program and highlight its impact.

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