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Fulbright Day: Lebanon

A group of students standing on campus holding a U.S. flag and a Lebanese flag.

“The cultural exchange I had had was so empowering that in some ways it positively changed my perception of some concepts in my home country!” – Samer Gharios, Lebanese Fulbrighter

The U.S. Embassy in Beirut along with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) are preparing a video clip which will feature Fulbright alums from various generations. The video clip will highlight the Fulbright legacy in Lebanon and the program impact over the alumni careers and communities. The video will tentatively be aired on LBCI starting on September 1. LBCI is Lebanon's top television channel reaching around 60% of the Lebanese population.

Additionally, the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon will host a select number of Fulbright key alumni over coffee towards early September. This will be a social gathering and a discussion with the Fulbright alums that will revolve around the current challenges which Lebanon is facing and the ways to overcome them.

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