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Special Fulbright Impact in the Field Reunion Panel: Global Health & COVID-19

01/29/2021, 10:30 am EST

Building on the success of May 2020’s inaugural “Fulbright Impact in the Field” panel, this Fulbright 75th Anniversary Special Fulbright Impact in the Field Reunion Panel on Global Heath & COVID-19 will reunite original panelists for a follow-up discussion.  Participating Fulbright alumni, who are physicians and scientists, will share updates about their experiences combatting the pandemic over the past year. They will discuss changes in coronavirus treatment, lessons learned about the virus, the current state of vaccine production and distribution, and more.

The "Fulbright Impact in the Field" alumni panels bring together Fulbrighters with extensive expertise in a particular topic to provide insight and global perspectives to the discussion. The panels are live, 90-minute broadcasts. You can view a list of previous panels, as well as their recordings, here.

Connect with Fulbright to learn about future "Fulbright Impact in the Field" panels.


10:30 am EST


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