Explorer Classroom Events with Fulbright-National Geographic Fellows

Fulbright-National Geographic 
Storytelling Fellows, 2018-19
Fulbright-National Geographic
Storytelling Fellows, 2018-19

Classroom teachers interested in bringing dynamic Fulbright alumni into their classroom to share stories about science and society may do so virtually through the National Geographic Society's Explorer Classroom Program.

The Fulbright Program has collaborated with the National Geographic Society since 2014. Fulbrighters have been featured as speakers, contributors, and storytellers in various National Geographic publications and activities, including the National Geographic Society’s Explorer Classroom. Explorer Classroom is a live YouTube show that connects young people with National Geographic Explorers around the world. These Explorers are cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and storytellers -- including many Fulbright alumni -- who share behind-the-scenes stories and interact with students and educators in real time.

Explorer Classroom events are free, open to the public, and are recommended for students from ages 4-14, as well as afterschool and out-of-school learners. Spanish-language and ASL editions of some events are also available on a limited basis.

See below for a list of the Fulbrighters who have been featured in the past, as well as links to the recordings. Fulbright alumni can learn more about the National Geographic Explorers Program and other funding opportunities at National Geographic.

Abby McBride

Sketch Biologist

Watch Abby’s Explorer Classroom event

Emily Toner

Soil Geographer

Watch Emily’s Explorer Classroom event

Alyea Pierce

Educator and Poet

Watch Alyea’s Explorer Classroom event

Madison Wrobley

Cultural Anthropologist

Watch Madison’s Explorer Classroom event

Emi Koch


Watch Emi’s Explorer Classroom event

Melanie Kirby

Environmentalist and Apiculturist

Watch Melanie’s Explorer Classroom event
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