Fulbright Day: Argentina - August 25

A grid of 9 headshots (8 women, 1 man) of featured alumni from Fulbright Day: Argentina
Featured participants from the Fulbright Day: Argentina event

The Argentine-American Fulbright Commission was established by a binational agreement signed between the two governments in 1956. Since then, it has awarded 10,000 scholarships to Argentine and American citizens. These distinguished Fulbrighters have contributed to build innumerable bridges between our two countries. The Commission started the 75th anniversary celebration earlier this year by publishing monthly videos that feature the Fulbright grantee of the month.

On August 25th, the commission presented Fulbright Day: Argentina, highlighting the history of the Fulbright Program and its alumni in Argentina. The program included opening words by Michelle Riebeling, Chair of the Fulbright Board, and Jennifer Irwin, Board Member; two panels in which distinguished Fulbright alumni spoke about their different experiences in the U.S and the impact the Fulbright grant had on their personal and professional lives, and closing words from Norma Gonzalez, Director of the Program. In the second panel, the commission featured 4 musicians who performed different musical pieces. Fulbright Day: Argentina was very successful and over 600 persons participated. The event was transmitted live on Zoom and You Tube, and the commission received many messages of congratulations from participants during and after the event. See below for a video recapping Argentina's Fulbright Day.

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