Fulbright Day: Colombia - June 1

Fulbright Day: Colombia

The Cátedra Fulbright: Challenges to women in Public Spaces was an event carried out within the framework of the Fulbright Program's 75th-anniversary celebration. The first day of the Cátedra began with some words of welcome from the Embassy of the United States of America in Colombia and other guests and ended with the presentation of Dr. Jennifer Alexander, who was the first day's keynote speaker.

The second day was divided into 3 sections, which started with the lecture “Lessons, knowledge and paths for women involved in social and environmental leadership” held by Francia Márquez, social leader and presidential candidate. Then another lecture was held by Fulbright Colombia alumni, Whitney Cordoba and Claudia Murillo. Finally, Dra. Lina Buchely ended the day talking about the challenges faced by women dedicated to caring for their homes or involved in community work and proposing alternatives to solve several of these challenges.

Around 2,324 participants connected to the event, synchronously or asynchronously, through Fulbright Colombia's social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and the Official Website of the event.

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