Fulbright Day: Denmark - November 4

Photo of an audience from the side, viewing a presentation in a fancy building with pillars and transparent roof.

On November 4, Fulbright Denmark’s Anniversary Symposium took place at Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen. The symposium was titled “From Soft Diplomacy to Science Diplomacy” and brought together in person and virtually Americans and Danes, including HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark, who share a passion for making the world a better place through science.

The day became worthy of the Fulbright anniversaries and the legacy of the program: excellent presentations from our four keynote speakers and good discussions about timely, urgent issues. It left everybody with an understanding of the role science and science diplomacy must play. But it also left the audience with the hope that programs like the Fulbright program will be able to deliver truth and solutions to the problems faced by humanity today. If you missed the symposium on November 4, the full event can be streamed through Fulbright Denmark’s Facebook here.

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