Fulbright Day: Germany - October 6

Photo of a group of students in masks standing in front of a wall; on the wall is a woman smiling from a video conference call.
German guest speaker, Jana Beerhorst, joined remotely but figured prominently in the classroom during her “Meet-a-German” session with high school students in Dallas County, Texas.

Fulbright Day: Germany brought together a wide range of people in both Germany and the U.S. on October 6, 2021 for a day of exchange and learning among peers, as well as across generational and societal groups. Throughout the entire day, nearly 11,000 middle and high school students at 218 different schools in 46 states across the U.S. met virtually with volunteer speakers sharing their experiences of living, studying and working in Germany during our “Meet-A-German” event. In addition, we hosted a small gathering of people (and many others via live-stream) who joined the hybrid panel discussion on “The Fulbright Network: Strengthening Collective Action on Complex Global Issues” held at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin that afternoon. We marked the 75 years during which the global Fulbright Program has been making an impact on the world with events representative of the unique Fulbright experience, yet looked ahead to how the Fulbright Program can adapt and do more to make its impact more sustainable, inclusive and accessible - all while remaining true to its mission.

Here you may view a video montage of US students “meeting a German!”
Link to MaG video

And here you may view the panel discussion in its entirety.
Link to panel discussion video

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