Fulbright Day: New Zealand - December 9

Artistic photograph of a person with dark hair and a dark beard with a daisy-type flower in their mouth against a pale blue background.
Steve Carr, Milk and Honey, 2010, c-type photographic print

To celebrate 75 years of the global Fulbright Program, Fulbright New Zealand are bringing together a dynamic group of visual artists whose Fulbright experience significantly shaped key turning points in their artistic practice.

We often find solace in art and creativity during times of adversity, and this has certainly been the case since Covid-19 became a global pandemic. Rarely have we seen such a proliferation of online arts events, exhibitions, performances, readings and more. As artists and creative practitioners around the world are increasingly occupying an important place on the world stage, perhaps now is a good time to ask: What can our artists teach us about resilience and the imagination in these difficult times?

Featuring artists Steve Carr (Fulbright-Wallace Arts Trust Award, 2013), Jim Dennison (Fulbright NZ Scholar, 2008), and Anne Noble (Fulbright NZ Scholar, 2013.)

This panel discussion will be chaired by renowned art-historian and Director of the Adam Art Gallery in Wellington, Tina Barton (Fulbright Travel Award in 2009). A video recording of the event is available below and on Fulbright NZ’s Youtube channel.

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