Fulbright Day: Poland - December 21

Black and white photo of person with sunglasses with white text overlaid. Promotional graphic for Fulbright Day: Poland

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program, Fulbright Poland presents a tribute concert honoring the life and memory of pianist and Fulbright Poland alumna Pamela Howland (1956-2021). Renowned musicians and Fulbright alumni, Stan Breckenridge and Karol Radziwonowicz, will join hands to pay tribute to Pam and her lifelong work of making cross-cultural connections, values that lie at the core of the Fulbright Program. Among others, you will hear Stan’s musical arrangements. He used to perform with Pam, while Karol’s Chopin interpretations will bring you closer to Pam’s beloved Polish composer.

To continue Pam’s work of connecting people and cultures through music, this concert inaugurates the creation of the Pam Howland Fund for Cross-Cultural Musical Connections.

Watch the concert here.

Find more information about the concert and the Fund here.

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