Fulbright Day: Saudi Arabia - December 29

Six people standing in front, some in traditional Saudi Arabian wear. Two people stand in the back on a staircase.

Mission Saudi Arabia commemorated the Fulbright 75th anniversary though a series of engagements at the Embassy and consulates. PAS Riyadh organized a Fulbright reception, where CDA Martina Strong hosted Fulbright alumni who had notable research achievements and collaborate with PAS Riyadh on alumni engagements and Fulbright programs implementation at local institutions. PAS Riyadh also organized media outreach through a TV interview for PAO Melissa Clegg-Tripp with local Saudi TV channel El-Ekhbariya to discuss the Fulbright program's history and recruitment. PAS Riyadh also highlighted Fulbright alumni through a video shared on the Mission's social media accounts.

The U.S. Consulate Dhahran hosted an alumni reception for Eastern Province alumni to celebrate the history of positive impact of Fulbright programs on the lives of individuals and communities. The event allowed alumni to reconnect and share experiences of how the program influenced their individual lives. The consulate presented a video showcasing the history of the program since its inception in 1946 and its impact on people from diverse backgrounds, including researchers, scientists, professionals, teachers, artists, and community leaders. During the reception, one of Dhahran’s Fulbright Visiting Scholars gave remarks and shared how his experience in the program shaped his future and continues to inspire future generations of students.

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