Fulbright Day: Thailand - July 1

Fulbright Thailand: Journey of Caring Friends

The Fulbright Program has been growing stronger and glowing brighter. In Thailand, it even
shines as the one and only bilateral education exchange with generous support from both
Thai and American Governments.

When we celebrated the Program anniversary, we did celebrate the constructive cooperation
and friendship between the two countries which are highlights of this year celebration under
the theme “the journey of caring friends”.

To mark the Fulbright Thailand Day, we share a story of the Fulbright Program in Thailand
during the past seven decades, capturing its binationality, expansion of grants program and
outreach activities, as well as its impacts through alumni in various fields. The background
music for this special presentation was “We Learn to Care” composed by Professor Michael
Zager, 2006 and 2010 Fulbrighter to Thailand from Florida Atlantic University. The song
highlights core values of the Fulbrighters we here cherish. The presentation was posted on
Fulbright Thailand YouTube Channel and linked to Fulbright Thailand Facebook page and

Unexpectedly, after the celebration poster was released, several alumni started to post their
Fulbright memorable moments to join our celebration. We then encouraged everyone to do
the same with #Fulbright Program and #Fulbright75. In addition, early morning of the day,
the president of Thai Fulbright Alumni Association who hosted a famous radio talk invited the
Executive Director to his program sharing the uniqueness of the Fulbright Program in

The celebration will continue throughout the whole month of July with series of activities
including interviews of the Executive Director and the President of the Thai Fulbright Alumni
Association, sharing stories from others in the Fulbright families, and social media posts. We
planned to end the month with a promotional VDO with interviews of the Chair and Honorary

Indeed, July is the special month of Fulbright Thailand and of Thai-U.S. partnership.

Screenshots of Facebook posts from Fulbright Thailand alumni
Screenshots of Facebook posts from Fulbright Thailand alumni
Screenshots of Facebook posts from Fulbright Thailand alumni.

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