Fulbright Day: Turkmenistan - December 17


PAS invited a popular Influencer from Turkmenistan's Instagram community to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program. The blogger introduced the program to her followers and shared the Embassy’s contact information in her Stories. Shortly after the popular blogger's coverage of the Fulbright Program, ORIENT, a semi-official publication aimed at young people in Turkmenistan, also set out to inform its readers about the scholarship programs available to them abroad. In addition to Fulbright, ORIENT listed Muskie and UGRAD. This is one of the first attempts by PAS to collaborate with the newly emerging Influencer community in the country.

On December 3, from 18:30 to 20:30, Embassy Ashgabat held an event to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program. The event, which featured short speeches about Fulbright experiences and expectations from, had a total attendance of eight alumni, five current participants, two local social media influencers and five Embassy staff. Due to local limitations on social gatherings, the event was held at the Public Affairs Section’s Multi-Purpose Hall, with a maximum of twenty attendees. 

The Fulbright Scholar Program has been active in Turkmenistan since 1993, and the Student program launched in 2008. It has gained 80 alumni since then, with 43 scholars and 37 students counting themselves part of the Fulbright universe. Many of the alumni are still living and working in Turkmenistan, proving once again that to a majority of the participants, Fulbright is an opportunity to give back to their community.

The evening started with networking and introductions, since a lot of the alumni had not met each other previously. U.S. Ambassador Matthew Klimow highlighted the importance of the program in Turkmenistan, as well as a couple of exceptional achievements by Fulbright alumnae in Turkmenistan. 

After the Ambassador’s speech, the audience had an opportunity to hear about their Fulbright experience from several alumni and one current Fulbrighter hoping to depart in January and start her program in Film Studies at SCAD. Gozel Hallyyeva (student, 2017), Sofiya Yuvshanova (student, 2016), Gaplan Esenamanov (scholar, 2004, 2012, 2021), Mekan Karayev (student, 2020) and Durnabat Atagarryyeva (student, 2021) all shared brief messages about themselves, their Fulbright memories and current work, and, in the case of Durnabat, what she hopes to gain from the program. 

After congratulatory messages from Branch Chief for Fulbright Programs in South and Central Asia Julia Findlay and Secretary Blinken, alumni and participants once again had some time to mingle and exchange contact information. Because there is no alumni association in Turkmenistan (bureaucratic obstacles are preventing this), events like this are a prime opportunity for Fulbrighters to share ideas and information, as well as to provide support to each other and especially to departing Fulbrighters, who are understandably nervous about starting their programs in the United States. 

A local influencer with over 20K followers on Instagram remarked that she was astonished to find out about the program and all that it offers to participants, shared the information with her followers, and is now considering applying for the program herself, once her English language skills are stronger. She took the opportunity to learn about the Embassy’s American Center, its activities and programs, and shared that with her following too. 

In general, this event was very successful, and there are plans to hold a larger event, including as many alumni as possible, in the near future. Some photographs follow.

Note that while this event took place on December 3, Turkmenistan's Fulbright Day was December 17.

Person stands at podium next to U.S. flag delivering a speech. Audience sits in chairs in front of podium.
Alumni listen to welcome remarks from U.S. Ambassador Matthew S. Klimow
Person with shoulder-length dark hair and white shirt stands at podium delivering a speech between the U.S. and Turkmenistan flags.
Gozel Hallyyeva (2016) shares her Fulbright experience at Quinlan School of Business in Chicago
Person with dark hair in a low bun and a gray top speaks at a podium between the U.S. and Turkmenistan flags.
Durnabat Atagarryyeva (2021) shares her expectations of the Fulbright Program at SCAD
Two people in suits standing in front of a blue backdrop with the Department of State seal and between the U.S. and Turkmenistan flags.
Ambassador Matthew S. Klimow with Palvan Orazdurdyyev, 2020 program scholarship recipient
Group of people, half seated in chairs and half standing, smiling for a photo
Standing, L-R: Alumni Coordinator Laylo Ishchanova, (half-hidden) acting Information Officer Alesia Krupenikava, Zohre Ovezliyeva (scholar 2012), Mekan Karayev (2019), Sofiya Yuvshanova (2016), Enejan (influencer), Aylar Japarova (2012), Lachin Artykova (2018), Ambassador Matthew S. Klimow, Guljahan Gochova (2019), Ayjemal Gurbanova (influencer), CAO Nigel Robinson, Palvan Orazdurdyyev (recipient 2020), PAO Tammy Paltchikov, Durnabat Atagarryyeva (recipient 2021)

Seated, L-R: Yakub Annanepesov (2012), Sahetmyrat Garyagdyyev (recipient 2021), Exchange Program Coordinator Maysa Niyazova, Serdar Agayev (scholar, 2008, 2021), Gaplan Esenamanov (scholar, 2004, 2012, 2021)
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