Fulbright Day: Uruguay - December 16

Promotional graphic for Fulbright Day Uruguay with Fulbright 75th seal, Fulbright Uruguay logo, and U.S. flag

To celebrate Fulbright Program’s 75th Anniversary, the Fulbright Commission in Uruguay will host an online event to present a short movie with the testimonies of US and Foreign grantees, board members and collaborators of the program.

The purpose of the movie is to highlight the impact of the Fulbright program in their communities, in their lives and the links between US and Uruguayan grantees and their institutions that began after their Fulbright experience. The video also portrays the importance of diversity, inclusion and bilateralism in the program.

This event will be held via Zoom on December 16 at 17:30 Uruguay time (15:30 EST) with the participation of Fulbright, US Embassy and UY Government authorities.

Register here.

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